Here’s a Science Fiction Anthology Recommendation

As the holidays wind down, you may still be a bit more busy than you like: planning for the new year, attending a few last holiday parties, or returning that ugly sweater from your secret Santa.

Short 6fd9abee61d116064aaa046ea7fb71aestories are a great way to take a quick break from all that jazz, since they don’t require the same commitment as novels. You can even read them while waiting in the returns queue.

Life on Mars: Tales from the New Frontier (edited by Jonathan Strahan, Viking, 2011) is science fiction for readers who don’t like science fiction.

The stories in this anthology speculate about Mars-Earth relations thousands of years from now. Some stories are pure alien science fiction, while others closely follow the human plight in the space age.

Science fiction is a useful medium through which to explore issues of “otherness” as “alien,” and numerous pieces in Life on Mars investigate this idea to the fullest.

The Red Planet may be closer than we think.

Recommended for ages 12 through adult; maybe for a sophisticated read-aloud while en route to your next destination?

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