Snuggly Picture Book Pick: Flannel Kisses

I love snowy days and picture books about snow. Sadly, my corner of the world hasn’t seen much of the sparkly, swirly white stuff this winter; however, I have Flannel Kisses by Linda Crotta Brennan and Mari Takabayashi (Houghton Mifflin, 1997), to help me feel a bit better about the lack of glorious snow.

flannelkissesIt’s a snow day! You know what that means … there are snowpeople to make, bowls of hot soup to slurp, soft flannel shirts to snuggle up to, and stories to read by the fire. Although Takabayashi’s watercolor illustrations echo Brennan’s rhyming text (rather than adding elements not conveyed through the words), the sense of coziness they give this sweetly simple story about two children and their busy snow day makes Flannel Kisses perfect for a cuddly post-outing, warm-me-up, lap-sit storytime for children ages 2-5.

Looking forward to warmer weather? Try Marshmallow Kisses, also by Brennan and Takabayashi (Houghton Mifflin, 2000).

Note: Both titles seem to be out of print, so check your school or public library for availability.

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