Review: The Bear’s Surprise by Benjamin Chaud

9781452140285_350The Bear’s Surprise by Benjamin Chaud. Chronicle, 2015.

It’s spring! Little Bear comes out of hibernation to find the forest busy with activity. Everyone is enjoying the new season: squirrels, bunnies, warthogs(!) … everyone except Papa Bear. Where is he? Follow Little Bear through the forest and underground (and look for a silly disco dance party), and through a washing machine(!), and finally, into the circus tent. Is Papa Bear in here? He is, but Little Bear still has to follow Papa from one tent to the next to catch up. Maybe they will perform in the circus together!

Die cuts on each page provide the portal through which Little Bear enters the next part of the adventure. The double-page spreads are full of silly details, leaving readers to create their own seek-and-find. There are so many ways to enjoy this book. What will you come up with?

I recommend The Bear’s Surprise for ages 2–6. Don’t forget The Bear’s Song, which I reviewed earlier this year, also recommended for ages 2–6.

Cover image belongs to all applicable parties and is used here without permission.

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