Review: Among Others by Jo Walton

Among Others is one of my all-time favorites. Have you read it? I’d love to know what you think. Just leave a comment!

Among Others by Jo Walton (Tor Books, 2011)9780765331724

After the death of her twin sister at the hands of their mother, Mori is uprooted from her life in Wales and sent to boarding school in England. Half English and half Welsh, Mori literally straddles two worlds, but she also walks between the physical and spiritual realms. Can Mori really see fairies and perform magic, or is she merely a disturbed young woman struggling to fit in and cope with her past? Walton has combined the realism of an English boarding school story with enchantment to create a masterful bildungsroman of teen angst without being angsty. A story about love and loss, good and evil, and what it means to be human, Among Others is adult literature with teen crossover appeal.

I recommend this Hugo Award winner for ages 15 and up.

Cover image belongs to all applicable parties and is used here without permission.

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