Update: Buzzy As a Bee


One must choose one’s priorities, and this blog has had to take a back seat to everything else my professional life. I’ve been loaded down with a bunch of work projects over the past month, mostly writing and editing assignments for the content mill. I’ve also been reading and reviewing three books a week for Kirkus. Three! July is crunch time for Kirkus because the brunt of books are published in September through November. Of course, I’m not only writing the reviews, I also have to read the books first!

Those are the usual duties, and I’m very happy to add …

Last week, I edited a forthcoming children’s book about the Titanic for an educational publisher. Hooray! It’s my first paid editing project for an actual publisher—not for an anonymous content mill client, and not for an unpaid internship. It’s validating when people see your worth and want to pay you for it.

This week, I’m doing a heavy chop-and-edit for a local author who’s planning to query a picture book manuscript.

A year and two months post-grad school—is my ship finally coming in?* I hope so; I deserve it. Wish me luck!

PS If you need editing services, check out MadydaEditorial.com. I’ll do a complimentary line edit or proofread for up to 2,500 words.

*No pun on the Titanic thing.

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